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I have found that a well-cut suit encourages me to carry myself with a little more poise and confidence, and helps to project a good impression to new work contacts. I have no doubt that wearing your suits has contributed to my professional success. I’ve worn them to a couple of weddings in Italy and have received compliments on them – and the Italians know their stuff! I have also taken to wearing a suit jacket on some more informal occasions, and find them to be comfortable and practical. As mentioned above I am a firm fan, and would not now dream of going back to off-the peg.

I also much appreciate your advice and opinions when choosing clothes – you have excellent taste and deep knowledge, and I know I can rely on you to steer me clear of any horrific mistakes! (but you’re still not going to talk me into a monogram any time soon…)

I’ve come to Ascot for numerous pieces now, and service has been outstanding – timely, efficient, and best quality. When needed, I travel all the way from the West Country for my tailoring – and happily so. 
Tom R

"John and the Ascot team have made being smart, stylish and comfortable in the office completely effortless and a real pleasure.

I look forward to each on-site visit and always seek John’s expertise to help me select the patterns and materials that complement my body shape and my taste with the latest trends – blending classical with twists of contemporary styling – and a perfect fit every time. John follows up frequently to ensure that the cut and sizing of all pieces remain comfortable which has kept me a loyal, happy customer for several years – a fully bespoke and 5-star personal service – Thank you!" 

I have been working with john for 14 years and he has consistently delivered exceptionally high standards of clothing and service. The overcoat I had made for me always gets complements and I love wearing it. I have always had good advice from John on the suits and shirts that I have purchased and not found unwanted or unworn clothes

I ordered a tuxedo suit and shirt through Ascot Tailor for my wedding and couldn't have been happier - the suit and shirt fit perfectly, the quality of the fabric used was excellent and I was very impressed with the overall service. John at Ascot Tailor was exceptionally helpful from the fabric selection through to the design of the suit , also arranging fittings appointments during weekends and keeping me updated on progress. The whole experience was quick and easy. Highly recommended for anyone in Perth looking for a bespoke suit and shirt made.


Ascot the Tailors have helped me dramatically improve the way I dress for the office. The quality of the clothes is outstanding and the level of service is exceptional.

I highly recommend Ascot the Tailors, specifically John Styles. Having experienced Ascot’s suits, I can’t bear wearing ill-fitting off the rack suits anymore. John’s customer service is exceptional. Here is a typical transaction with John: You contact him (phone, text or email) and tell him you could do with a suit. He will come to you and show you his extensive collection of fabrics and accessories (lining, buttons, coloured button holes), consult with you regarding your needs (heavy or light fabric, how formal) and measure you up. If it is not convenient for you to have John to come to you, he will set up an appointment in a professional location. When the suit is ready, John comes to deliver the suit to you and has you try it on to ensure it fits right. If there are any issues with the fit, he will take it away to be fixed. John keeps your details on file so that for every suit you buy, they will learn what works for you and what doesn’t, so that every suit you buy will be even better than the last. Also, if you happen to lose or gain weight and require a re-fit, or if it just doesn’t feel right, John will come and adjust the suit for you free of charge – it’s part of the service. Ascot’s prices are reasonable for the extent of the service you get. Sure, it is more than you would pay off the rack at a cheap suit store. But the product you get is a suit of superior quality, tailored to fit you perfectly, with the convenience of never having to leave your office and getting cost-free and hassle-free adjustments when required. I am one very happy customer.


Buying a suit for me is an enjoyable experience, and important to me and to my image. Therefore I value input from a tailor who has a passion for clothes and most importantly can advise me on latest styles and what will suit me. I have been a client of Ascot for many years, having used other tailors previously, I find their highly professional service stands them out in what is a very competitive industry.

At Ascot they have very detailed clothing consultants, ensuring every aspect of the final suits, shirts, or other items fit exactly. If it’s out by half an inch then the clothes go back to ensure a perfect fit. Ascot always have a range of interesting ideas to talk about, including why it will or won’t be appropriate for you.
Tom C

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ascot to anyone looking for professional tailoring. With their help I now have a superb ‘working wardrobe’. They have a great sense of what will appeal from cut, to fabric, to colour, and they are constantly on the lookout for new inspiring ideas.

I have been delighted with the service, quality and fit of the suits Ascot have provided me for the past 8 years. My consultant and I have become very good friends and often have time to discuss up-coming seasons needs over lunch. A very pleasant way to do business!

The polite, confident and truly experienced advice I receive from Ascot Tailors is outstanding. This service as well the suits, shirts and ties are of the very best quality