Feel Confident That You Are Dressed for the Occasion, with a Perth Tailored Suit from Ascot the Tailors

Perhaps you just graduated from university and are starting your first ‘big boy’ job out in the real world. Maybe you just got a promotion and will be taking on more executive level responsibilities at your job. Either way, if you work at an office where ‘business formal’ is the dress code, it’s important to feel that you are appropriately dressed for the occasion. At Ascot the Tailors, we can help you attain that feeling with our Perth tailored suits.

How a Suit Can Change How You’re Perceived at Work

When you’re young, an ill-fitting suit is probably the only type of suit you’ll ever wear. From the church suit you kept wearing long after you outgrew it to the rental suit you wore to spring formal at your high school, it’s acceptable as a kid or teenager to wear a suit that is a little too small or a little too big.

Once you step into the professional world, though, you’re in the big leagues. Especially if you’re meeting clients for sales pitches or sitting in on big boardroom meetings with high-powered CEOs, the last thing you want is to be looked upon as ‘the kid wearing his dad’s suit.’

The bottom line is that how you’re dressed at work will affect how people perceive you—from bosses and managers to co-workers and colleagues, all the way to customers and clients. By investing in a Perth tailored suit from Ascot the Tailors, you can have more of a role in shaping those perceptions.

A suit that is too big can make you look smaller and shorter than you are, which can, in turn, make you appear young and inexperienced. These aren’t attributes that you want to have people you work with applying to you—especially not managers who you are hoping will give you more responsibility or even consider you for a promotion. A suit that is too small, meanwhile, will look tight, uncomfortable, and short—like something you might have outgrown in high school. Similar to an overly large suit, a too-small one can make you look younger and more inexperienced.

Tailored suits from Perth’s Ascot the Tailors will be designed with your measurements, posture, and body shape in mind. The sleeves won’t be too short or too long, they’ll fit just right. Same with the pants and the shirt. As for the jacket, it will fit in a comfortable and attractive bespoke suit—tight enough that you aren’t swimming in it, but not so tight that it’s squeezing you to death. This kind of suit will give you the professional polish you need to fit in with the rest of the fast-paced business world. If you want people to stop underestimating you, a custom-tailored suit is the way to go.

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Give yourself the confidence and self-esteem that comes with knowing you’re dressed right for the occasion. With tailored suits from Perth’s Ascot the Tailors, you will look and feel like you belong in the upper circles of the professional world. To schedule your first appointment and measurement session, click here.


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