Interested in Getting a Bespoke Suit in Perth? Here’s What to Expect from the Process

If you’ve ever worn a suit before, chances are you went in to a men’s clothing store, got measured and ordered a design you liked in your size. This process can deliver satisfactory results for certain occasions, and if you get lucky, the suit can even feel like it almost fits you perfectly. If you want a perfect fit, though, you need to find a Perth bespoke suit tailor and go through the full tailoring process.

How the Bespoke Tailoring Process Works

A bespoke suit is a suit tailored to suit your body, posture, and style. While men’s clothing stores will try to order a suit that matches your measurements and preferences, it’s difficult to get everything ‘just right’ using those strategies. Perhaps you are in-between jacket sizes, or maybe your body shape is just unusual, and there aren’t any rental or off-the-peg options to suit you.

When you schedule an appointment with a Perth bespoke suits tailor, the measurement part of the process is just one small step on a much longer journey. Instead of taking your measurements, writing them down and trying to find a pre-existing garment that will fit you, a bespoke tailor’s job is to create the perfect suit from scratch. Indeed, creating a bespoke suit takes a lot of time and several fittings, but it’s worth it in the end when you get to wear a suit that is uniquely you.

Of course, your bespoke suit tailor will take your measurements—many of them—during your first appointment. The critical stage of bespoke suit tailoring isn’t the measurement stage, though, but the first fitting, also known as the basting stage. For the basted fitting, the tailor will have cut a basic suit blueprint and stitched it together with white basting thread. This stitching is temporary. It allows the tailor to look at their work-in-progress suit on your body and identify areas where changes are necessary. This process is incredibly detailed, with the tailor examining every centimetre of the suit in pursuit of the perfect fit. You can request changes at this stage too, like tweaks to the width of the lapels.

After the basted fitting, your Perth bespoke suit tailor will take their blueprint garment and turn it into a fully realised work of art. The next fitting will help your tailor identify any last alterations and tweaks if any are required. After that, you’ll get a perfect bespoke suit to take home with you.

Get Bespoke Suits in Perth: Call Ascot the Tailors to Schedule an Appointment Today

At Ascot the Tailors, we specialise in crafting beautiful bespoke suits in Perth. From the measurement phase to the basted fitting to any additional fittings and alterations, we will work closely with you to build a suit around you, your body, your posture and your sense of style. We never cut any corners in this lengthy, detailed process. Instead, we take all the time necessary to give you a suit that will fit you perfectly and never go out of style.

Are you interested in working with Ascot the Tailors as your Perth bespoke suits tailors? If so, give us a call on 08 6557 6741 to get started.


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